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Nabeel Jawahir

Hello, I'm a digital product designer and a senior IT student at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

Adogt App — UX Case Study
Adogt is a dog adoption app that connects dogs in shelters to willing adopters.
Stide App — UX Case Study
Stide is an app that acts as a guide for millenials who want to invest in stocks.
Washr App — UX Case Study
Washr is an easy to use door to door laundry service app that gives the user full control on how each garment is washed.
Hack In The North
Designing for one of the largest student-held hackathon hackathons in India.

Style Guide // Website UX Case Study // Designs
UI Design Collection
A compilation of some simple UI designs I made to improve my visual design skills.

I also don't mind writing a few lines of code from time to time.

Check out my GitHub?
Python / Pygame / Python Image Library
An Automated certificate generator that allows user to drag and select input fields and read them from an excel file.
Python / Pygame
A simply paint application made entirely in pygame.
Contact Me
mnabeeljawahir@gmail.com in/nab331